Apology and Notice Regarding Voluntary Recall of rienda Product


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We at Baroque Japan Limited express our gratitude for your patronage.

A defect has been discovered in the product “Pale floral pumps” released under the brand rienda on February 20, 2015. Incidents have been reported in which the heel detaches from the show. Following our commitment to put customer safety first, we are initiating a voluntary recall of products sold to date.
We extend our sincere apology for the inconvenience caused to customers and vendors who have purchased the affected product.
We ask for your understanding and cooperation as we strive to ensure thorough quality control and take measures to prevent recurrence of similar incidents in the future.

Baroque Japan Limited

1.Affected product    

Product name: Pale floral pumps 

2.Colors / sizes

Colors: WHT, BLK, SAX , Sizes: S, M, L

3. Retail period February 20–March 19, 2015
4. Retail price 12,500 yen (excluding consumption tax)
5. Contents Detachment of heel
6. Product photos


Recall procedure

Customers who own the affected product are asked to notify us for collection. A full refund will be provided. Please contact the Call Center listed below or a rienda store near you.

Contact: 03-6730-9191 (Call Center)
Hours: 10:00–18:00 (weekdays)
Attn: “rienda Pale floral pumps,” Customer Service Dept, Sales Control Division, Baroque Japan Limited

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