Expose and lay bare. Conceal and keep a mystery.
Allure with a sexy and yet classy style.
SLY is your brand if you seek the new, ultimate sexy.
The ideal woman wins the heart of not only men but also women.
She holds to her own ideas, and lives her own life. She's intelligent.
She dresses herself knowing what to reveal, and what to cover up.
She knows how to bring out the woman in her,
and play up her sex appeal, but in a classy way.
Her sex appeal oozes both from her style and from her soul.
Men idolize her. But she has tact. She can always judge a man's true worth.
She reveals her unexpected feminine side only to the man she likes.
She's a woman with a mystery.
The woman in her forever continues to allure.
"SLY brings out the "new sexy" in you.