Anime is the quintessence of Japan
and an element of pop culture that we present with pride to the world.
The project R4G—Respect for Geeks—was conceived
to create a new link between this anime and fashion.
2D and 3D, pilgrimage to the sacred land, absolute love akin to a prayer . . .
The foundations of the sublime anime are ingrained in our daily lives.
Our unconscious wanders in the gap between fantasy and reality.
With the Internet further propelling the movement,
phenomena previously reserved for sci-fi films
occur nonstop everywhere around us.

R4G is an attempt to inject Japan now
into the fashion aspect of lifestyle.
The project kicked off with the objective
of conveying the powerful, explosive creation
unique to this moment across the globe.
Anime today is established, high quality, the mainstream.
It has arrived undeniably thanks to the support of lovable geeks.
R4G pays homage and respect to these geeks,
while relaying the wonders of anime to the uninitiated.
Our fascination with anime boils down to its worldview.
The anime song drifting from the speakers,
the anime character hanging around the streets
instantly evokes a flashback of the universe of the work.
R4G is built on the concept of wearing this love for anime.
Our mission is to find a way to deliver the concept to the world.

We define our creative studio as a lab
and ruminate on ideas through and through
to reach out to geeks and anime lovers around the globe,
and lead future fans into the unknown.
We wish to be a catalyst
and witness yet unseen chemical reactions.
We long to connect every more closely
with all lovers of anime.

With the hope of passing on our passion across the globe.

Respect For Geeks!

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