About IR, stock

I want to know about how your company started.

You can find that information on the History page.

What is your securities code?

Our Tokyo Stock Exchange securities code is "3548".

When are your accounting periods and earnings announcements?

Our accounting period is at the end of February every year. For our earnings result, visit the IR calendar.

When is your general shareholders meeting?

Please visit our IR calendar.

Where can I see your recent business achievements?

See the Financial information & achievements page.

Do you have a shareholder's special benefit plan?

Please visit our Shareholder's special benefit plan.

What are your procedures for things like share owner name transfers and address changes?

See Shareholder basic information & procedures.

How many shares is your share trading unit?

Our trading unit is 100 shares.


For topics not covered in the FAQ, contact us via:
Online contact form:
TEL : 03-6730-9191 (inquiries reception)
Weekdays 10:00-18:00 (closed on Sat., Sun., holidays, and the New Year holiday season)