Baroque Japan Set to Host “Baroque Parties -In Tohoku- Exclusive Girls Night Out!”


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Baroque Japan Limited organizes events since 2011 to support the Tohoku region of Japan through fashion. The third annual event on November 22, 2013 is a special party hosted for the first time in Tohoku. “Baroque Parties -In Tohoku- Exclusive Girls Night Out!” at Sendai’s live music club Rensa is slated to be an emotional night featuring a stimulating fusion of music and fashion.

The exciting party invites charismatic figures including Daishi Dance, the ruler of Japan’s house music scene; Van Cliffe / Elli-Rose and other global big names; and DJ Asari and other all-time favorites based in Sendai. The spectrum of personalities and sounds promises to create a glittery grand special party!

Baroque Japan invites you to join the party and enjoy a spectacular night.

For details, visit the official website:

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