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Baroque Japan Limited hosted from November 19 to 23 a promotional event in Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture. BAROQUE SMILING FAIR IN MIYAGI was based on an idea that emerged during meetings between President and CEO Hiroyuki Murai and staff members of the Sendai Store. The all-women staff suggested organizing a company-sponsored event to cheer up and bring smiles to the faces of Sendai residents following the Great East Japan Earthquake on March 11. Their commitment won the sympathy of Murai and headquarters employees, who decided to provide full support for an event planned by the Sendai staff.

On the first day of the fair, the store staff and non-Japanese models departed S-PAL Sendai and Sendai FORUS to strut through the city carrying promotional shoppers. Each parade attracted a large crowd.

Sendai store staff and models strut through Sendai


Coverage on live TV
Staff members appeared on Sendai Television’s popular informational program Ara-ara Kashiko (Saturdays 10:40–11:40) to promote the fair. Immediately after the live show and for days afterward, countless residents turned up and joined the event.

Also featured were displays in special booths of five Baroque Japan brands (moussy, BLACK BY MOUSSY, SLY, Rodeo Crowns, and rienda), products offered at exclusive prices, and a zero-loser campaign where items were handed out from the five brands to all lotto card holders. This five-day fair proved to be a huge success.

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