New Brand by ENFÖLD design team 「någonstans」launched


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NEW Brandy by ENFÖLD design team


ENFÖLD CRUISE COLLECTION in 2017 Summer turned into the new brand.

Mizuki Ueda, the Creative Director of ENFÖLD

also heads the creative team of någonstans 

Holidays in the nature, Traveling, and Relaxing.

Different from ordinary days. Clothes to wear to "somewhere"




Everyone has a place where you belong to.

Away from ordinary days

travel to find such place

Accept what you find, be honest to yourself

then become new you

clothes connecting ordinary and extraordinary days




"somewhere" in Swedish

"somewhere" that changes your life

"somewhere" that can return to yourself

Days in "somewhere" are gone in a twinkling

but makes you realize what really is precious

The key to enrich the life

to find your "somwehre" and immerce yourself

This is where någonstans comes fom



Lifestyle for the sophisticated women in 30s and 40s are changing and changing very fast.

No more chasig the fashion trend

Carefully select what pleases them, reflecting their affection

They are satisfied with their closets for elegance-mode style for their career

Not so much for clothes for holidays

They want elegant, movable, easy care and playful

Material and silhouette are important too

Holiday style for sophisticated women

For them to enjoy extraordinary days


någonstans Store Open Schedule

någonstans 伊勢丹新宿店(Isetan Shinjuku) 本館2F February 21, 2018 (Wed) 

någonstans ジェイアール名古屋高島屋店(JR Natoya Takashimaya) 4F February 28, 2018 (Wed)

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