Winners of 「NEXT IS YOU」Annouced


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 Two winners of 「NEXT IS YOU」, the audition sponsored by Baroque for the "new business idea" and "new fashion icon" are now selected and annouced.

 For te "fashion icon" division, Ms Ayaka Murohara (shop staff at SLY Lumine EST Shinjuku) won the title. Contestants competed on the number of LIKEs on instagram and on sales and profit amount from the item they selected via EC platform. For the final stage, three finalists produced their original fashion item, compated on how much actual order they received. All of the finalists performed wonderfully, and Ms Murohara won the title. She was awarded with JPY1mil as a prize and the right to launch her own brand as a brand director next year.

 For the "new business idea" division, the winner had annouced in April 2017 and Mr Hiroyuki Maruya (Outlet Group, Manager) won the title. He had already started working on his business idea "Entering OTAKU market -collaboration between SHIBUYA and AKIBA -" to launch Anime Appareal business unit. His brand is expected to be launched early next spring.

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