Baroque Japan CEO Hiroyuki Murai Interviewed for Video Streaming Media


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Baroque Japan Limited Representative Director and CEO Hiroyuki Murai has been interviewed for a video streaming website.

Those interested are invited to watch the interview free of charge at the following link.

KENJA GLOBAL official website:
Hiroyuki Murai video page:


KENJA GLOBAL(賢者グローバル) 株式会社バロックジャパンリミテッド 村井博之



Source:KENJA GLOBAL official website

Planned, produced, and operated by enjin Co., Ltd., the free video streaming website KENJA GLOBAL “PRESIDENTS OF 500” shines the spotlight on KENJA,* or leaders of the contemporary business scene across the globe, in its aim to encourage businesspersons, students, and entrepreneurs responsible for the Japanese society of tomorrow.


Entrepreneurs around the world have endured spells of hardship to become the driving force of their times. Corporate managers are responsible for nurturing the next generation. KENJA GLOBAL “PRESIDENTS OF 500” was launched to share these leaders’ philosophy, vision, charisma, and business model as a guide into the new era ahead.


The website delivers not IR reports or news releases, but the unfiltered voices of corporate managers on the joy of working, the courage to take on new challenges, the strength to overcome difficulties, and their forward-looking mind. It is designed to send a message to all program viewers, especially youths and aspiring entrepreneurs set to be the leaders of tomorrow.


Expanding its reach beyond Japan to the world, the website streams interviews with various corporate managers and originally planned and produced special videos. All contents are available for viewing online.


No successful person was successful from the beginning. This is true in Japan and anywhere else in the world. Even the most successful are like us—they face worries and adversities, and they keep on trying to reach for their dreams.


The interviews tell the story of many corporate managers. No two stories are the same, as each manager comes from a different background, industry, and business environment. But behind all of their stories are common pointers on the facts of life.


KENJA GLOBAL “PRESIDENTS OF 500” hopes to reach as many people as possible who are at a crossroads and inspire them to seek a way out and find their path as corporate managers and entrepreneurs of the future.


* KENJA = persons of wisdom: Entrepreneurs and corporate managers who lead the business scene with an innovative approach.

KENJA GLOBAL “PRESIDENTS OF 500” Editorial Department

Planning, production, and operation: enjin Co. Ltd.


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