Our representative director Hiroyuki Murai to hold a seminar at FASHION WORLD TOKYO, Japan’s largest fashion trade show


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Our Representative Director and CEO Hiroyuki Murai will take the stage at the 4th FASHION WORLD TOKYO – Spring to hold a special seminar aimed at stimulating the fashion market and supporting young people in the industry. The event is Japan’s largest fashion trade show held twice a year.


◇ Date and Time: Wednesday, April 5, 2017 10:00–10:45 AM

◇ Venue: Tokyo Big Sight Exhibition Center Special Events Hall

◇ Seminar Title: The Attributes Required to Make Great Strides in the World – Working Toward a Paradigm Shift in the Fashion Industry – by Hiroyuki Murai, CEO of Baroque Japan

◇ Overview: As a result of companies around the world repeatedly imitating one another, we have entered an era in which “clothes do not sell, even when the economy is in good shape.” Now it is necessary for people in our fashion industry to rid themselves of the demerit system, and become people with eccentric or curious attributes who do not fear failure. Herein lies the key for Tokyo to grasp the last chance to make great strides in the world.

◇ Registration procedure (Free): Click the link below.


Special Seminar on Stimulating the Fashion Market and Supporting Young People in the Industry [Free]


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