New brand Lilidia by Reiko Nakane to launch in spring 2012


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Baroque Japan Limited is set to release a new brand produced by Reiko Nakane*, Lilidia, this spring.

Brand Concept
Every woman born into this world seeks to celebrate her femininity at any age,
to be loved, and to be infinitely cute and pretty.
At times, a complex can be a friend and draw out attractive dimensions of the woman.
Luxurious items, fabrics, and details accentuate curvy feminine lines.
The brand crosses boundaries to forever maximize on her many charms within.

(* Currently company creative director at Baroque. Producer of Lilidia / rienda / rienda suelta.)


Everyday dresses, two-piece ensembles, and formal dresses with a focus on feminine curves and fabric.

Covetable beauty cosmetics and imported apparel and accessories.

And to complement the clothes, a dressing room that offers professional hair and makeup styling. The brand will transcend the boundaries of fashion to incorporate beauty and cosmetics, and aim to establish a new business that recommends styles from head to toe that always delivers the joy of being a woman.

Look forward to upcoming developments at Lilidia.

  • *Information appearing in the news section is accurate as of the release date, and is subject to change without prior notice.