Basic idea regarding corporate governance

The Group is based on the corporate philosophy of continuing to take on challenges in order to disseminate the "culture" of Baroque to the world.Ten years from now, it is not necessary to continue to be an apparel company in order to utilize our strengths (1. ability to create new value, 2. ability to expand globally, 3. ability to deliver to customers) and develop. Instead, we aim to be a value proposing company that conveys "+ α unique to Baroque" on various contents.Therefore, we recognize it is important to strengthen corporate governance in order to meet the expectations of various stakeholders such as shareholders, customers, business partners, and local communities, and to continuously improve corporate value. 
 Based on this basic idea, we have built a corporate governance system to enhance management transparency and efficiency, and to enhance the internal control system and compliance system.
 From the perspective of pursuing efficiency and transparency by separating management and business execution, the Board of Directors, which consists of a majority of outside directors, makes decisions on management policies and strategies, while executing business execution authority. We have a system in which management is supervised by delegating to officers and supervising the status of business execution.
 In addition, an Independent Outside Director-controlled Appointment and Compensation Advisory Board ensures the adequacy and transparency of director appointments and remuneration.We are a company with a board of corporate auditors. The Board of Corporate Auditors, which is dominated by outside corporate auditors, is working to strengthen its auditing system by fulfilling the functions of monitoring and supervising overall management and the execution of duties by directors from an independent standpoint.

Corporate Governance System Diagram