One of the most important challenges is to launch BAROQUE fashion brands onto the world stage as brands representative of Japan and foster human resources to provide value to customers throughout the world.

1.Diversity Promotion

BAROQUE is a company in which its female employees play a central role. They work in a variety of fields, with many in management positions. The proportion of management positions held by women (as of January 31, 2016) is 48%. BAROQUE aims to create an environment in which it is easy for women to work and respects the life stages of employees, which include birth and child-care. We encourage employees to take parental leave before and after giving birth and child-care leave. We also promote shortened working hours for child rearing.


BAROQUE employs people at its Tokyo head office and in its overseas group companies regardless of nationality or gender. We also hold cross-border training sessions and exchange events, and strive to foster human resources capable of working globally.

2.Wellness Initiatives

Wellness at BAROQUE includes health management, and we implement a variety of initiatives so that working at BAROQUE brings added value to our employees’ lives.


Employees can have counseling with an occupational physician, use an external general health consulting service, have regular health checks and use an external gym through collaboration with a sports club.


There is a system in which employees can take correspondence courses run by the Sanno Institute of Management to build skills and develop self-awareness. (Partly self-funded)


Agricultural experience tours to suburban farms are regularly held. From planting seeds to harvesting, working with the soil and having contact with greenery is refreshing, and offers the chance to experience nature’s dynamism with one’s whole body.