BAROQUE sensitively grasps customers’ latent needs and offers fashion which is new and unique. We develop brands with varying styles and price ranges. All products thoroughly comply with the safety and quality standards stipulated by the BAROQUE Quality Control Department.

1.Thorough safety and quality control initiatives

 For all products we stock, pre-production quality testing of materials and secondary materials is obligatory, and production only proceeds with materials that comply with the quality control standards set by BAROQUE. Total checks and needle inspections at the production factories are also compulsory. Furthermore, total checks and needle inspections are conducted by third party inspection centers certified by BAROQUE or factory-affiliated inspection centers that meet the standards. We only stock products that comply with the inspection standards. Regarding product safety, we conduct thorough safety management, eliminating contamination from foreign or dangerous substances and strive daily to make trustworthy products that satisfy our customers.

2.Supplier factory registration system

 When starting to work with new suppliers, BAROQUE conducts safety management system inspections of the supplier-affiliated factories. We only register factories that pass the BAROQUE Quality Control Department’s safety management standards as those with which we can work. BAROQUE also sends its Production Operation Basic Manual to all new suppliers. They must fulfill all the items, including dangerous substance management, checks, needle inspections, and pre-delivery inspection standards.