Contributing to the development of a better society and conserving limited environmental resources are grand challenges. At BAROQUE, we share the spirit of rising to the challenge, no matter how small the action may be.

1.Contributing to the eradication of hunger and poverty through the “Volunteer Vender” vending machine.

・BAROQUE is a council member of the Japan Association for the World Food Programme.
・A certified nonprofit organization, the Japan Association for the World Food Programme supports the World Food Programme which aims to eradicate hunger and poverty.
・Each floor of the BAROQUE head office has a Volunteer Vender. When a drink is purchased, 3 yen is donated to the Japan Association for the World Food Programme, with BAROQUE, the beverage maker, and the vender corporation each contributing 1 yen.

2.Promoting the employment of people with disabilities

At BAROQUE, we proactively employ people with disabilities. Our employees undertake a wide range of duties, including making POP displays and name cards, form processing, data inputting, and mail and package service sorting and delivery. BAROQUE is also committed to employing people with mental disabilities, and we have proactive initiatives at the head office and warehouse. Also, as a member of the committee for the development, testing, and dissemination of the contractual training curriculum for people with mental disabilities, we are involved in the establishment of the reference manual for contractual training for people with mental and other disabilities. In the future, we will continue to promote the creation of a worker-friendly environment, while actively expanding employment opportunities for people with disabilities. We aim to be a company that grows together with employees who have disabilities.

3.Selling organic cotton products (AZUL BY MOUSSY & RODEO CRONWS WIDE BOWL) and others

At AZUL BY MOUSSY, RODEO CRONWS WIDE BOWL we sell basic items made using organic cotton. The organic cotton is grown in fields which have not been treated with chemical substances for over three years, and no agricultural chemicals or artificial fertilizers are used. It is environmentally friendly and does not harm the health of the farmers. As no chemicals are used, the products are gentle on the skin. In a time when the number of customers who are conscious of environmental and social issues is rising, we strive to create a sustainable society together with our customers through our products.