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Baroque's corporate social responsibility

The launch of Baroque came from a simple ambition. Dissatisfied with the clothes that already existed in the world, we decided to make what we want.This ambition remains consistent since our founding in 2000.We continue to share the joy of fashion with a global audience from our base in Shibuya, Tokyo.


We owe our ongoing growth to the support of our stakeholders*. Looking forward, we will continue to fulfill our social responsibility as a corporate citizen and take pride in our efforts to expand our business.


Our responsibility to society is to create new value. Creating new trends, cultivating untapped markets, offering diverse work styles, and conceiving new things and ideas all represent a challenge true to our company philosophy. We at Baroque look forward to drawing on our capacity  as trendsetter and continuing to create new value.


* Customers, suppliers, shareholders / investors, employees, and community

Social Contribution/Environmental Conservation Challenges
Contributing to the development of a better society and conserving limited environmental resources are grand challenges. At BAROQUE, we share the spirit of rising to the challenge, no matter how small the action may be.
Safety and Quality Challenges
BAROQUE sensitively grasps customers’ latent needs and offers fashion which is new and unique. We develop brands with varying styles and price ranges. All products thoroughly comply with the safety and quality standards stipulated by the BAROQUE Quality Control Department.
Work Environment Challenges
One of the most important challenges is to launch BAROQUE fashion brands onto the world stage as brands representative of Japan and foster human resources to provide value to customers throughout the world.

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