Representative Director and Chief Executive Officer Hiroyuki Murai

"Challenge"—under this company philosophy, we at the Baroque Group have expanded our retail network across Japan and beyond into Hong Kong and mainland China since our founding in 2000.

While focusing even further on managing product safety and quality, we hope to continue enhancing the quality of our operations overall—products, stores, and employees—and make every effort to evolve into a globally competitive company that earns support from customers around the world.

With the aim of being "an enterprise that is truly needed," we offer employment and training to a broad range of human resources regardless of nationality, place of employment, gender, or academic history. In all regions in which we operate, we at the Baroque Group work as one to promote thorough compliance, community support, and environmental conservation toward fulfilling our responsibility to society both global and local.

We look forward to your continued support.


President and CEO
Baroque Japan Limited