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AEVES sits at the crossroads of Paris and Tokyo.

Creative Director Iku Furudate and her design team work from an atelier in Paris, while another small team follows up production in Japan.

Furudate studied fashion in Tokyo and London, and has been based in Paris since 2003. She gets her inspiration from the effortlessly chic Parisiennes she encounters on the streets daily.

AEVES sits at the crossroads of the unique and the affordable.

As the former creative director of acclaimed Paris-based brand COMMUUN, Furudate at times felt frustrated with the exclusiveness of designer fashion, and longed to create more accessible clothes.

“I don’t mind fast fashion,” she says, “but I think it’s just as important for a woman to have pieces in your wardrobe that are unique and make you feel special. With AEVES, I want to create fashion that is unique, yet affordable.”

The name AEVES is a contraction of the latin words for bird and generation.