Apology and Notification Regarding Voluntary Recall of SLY boots


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Apology and Notification Regarding Voluntary Recall of SLY boots

Thank you very much for your continued support of our company.
We have discovered there is a possibility of foreign object in the boots sold under 「SLY」brand specified below and in order to secure the safety of valused customers, we have decided to voluntarily recall all of the item already distributed through SLY stores, SHEL'TTER stores, SHEL'TTER WEB STORE, and other EC sites.
We deeply apologize for anxiety and inconvenience it may have caused you.
We shall do our utmost to ensure that this type of incident will not happen again by further emphasising on the quality management. We humbly ask for your understanding and cooperation at this time.

Baroque Japan Limited

1. Affected Product <Item Name> SLY JOCKEY BOOTS  <Item Number> 030AAY55-0160
2. Color/Size ALL COLOR (Black, Brown), ALL SIZE (S、M、L)
3. Retail Period October 28, 2017 to December 14, 2017
4. Retail Price  ¥16,990+tax
5. Product Picture
6. Recall Procedure
Customers who own the affected product are asked to notify us for collection. A full refund will be provided. Those who purchased at SLY stores or SHEL'TTER stores please contact the Call Center listed below and those who purcahsed at 「SHELTTER WEB STORE」please contact 「SHELTTER WEB STORE」distribution center listed below. Those who purchased at the other EC sites, please contact their customer service.

<Contact Information>
①  Call Center: 03-6730-9191(Weekdays 10:00-18:00)
②「SHELTTER WEB STORE」Destribution Center: 050-3188-6555(Weekdays 10:30-18:00) Mail:shop@sheltter.vc

Both ① and ② will not be open froo December 29, 2017 to January 3, 2018. We apologize for the inconvenience caused. 

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