Since its establishment in 2000, holding to our corporate philosophy 'to challenge' , the Baroque group which from domestic roots in Japan has expanded to customers all over the world has striven towards becoming both 'a business that is truly needed' and 'a global business with international competitiveness'.
In this period in which various risks facing the world have become apparent, it is essential that Baroque continues to work on changing its way of thinking in line with what we have realized from the pandemic, especially in terms of growing into a sustainable company.

Sustainable initiatives do not end at simply making clothes with environmentally friendly materials, rather they are initiatives that aim to create not only a sustainable society, but a sustainable company.

In order to break free from the vicious cycle of waste in the apparel industry to due to problems such as over-purchasing, we will make a full-fledged effort to realize manufacturing without overproduction by improving brand competitiveness through clarifying our core values and producing appropriate amounts of valuable products and working to sell those appropriately according to production - ultimately aiming for zero waste while continually making efforts to improve the qualities of our products.In this, we are determined to produce results.

Additionally, from here on, throughout our efforts to improve both product safety management and quality control - whether it be regarding the role of our products, stores, or employees in this mission - we will continue to pursue further improvement and quality across all these fronts while simultaneously making group-wide efforts to achieve sustainable management from the three perspectives of the environment, society, and people.

President and CEO
Baroque Japan Limited