CSR - corporate social responsibility


The Tohoku Collection 2012 for Disaster Relief

The Tohoku Collection 2012 took place on Saturday, October 6, at Sendai Sunplaza Hall.

We exhibited five of our brands at the event: moussy, BLACK BY MOUSSY, SLY, rienda, and RODEO CROWNS, and all met with an overwhelmingly positive reaction.

One of the five, SLY, included a charity T-shirt featuring an all-over background print of the Tohoku Collection’s main visual drawn by Anna Tsuchiya. A portion of the proceeds goes to victims of the Great East Japan Earthquake through Sendai Television’s “Tomo ni” (Together) fund.

Our “rienda girls” girl group, along with Anna Tsuchiya, Lena Fujii, Saeko, Nanao, and Akina Minami, are taking part in a charity auction of guest models’ personal items, held as part of the Tohoku Collection reconstruction support project “Stand by...” (bidding period: October 6–14, 2012). All proceeds from the auction go to victims of the Great East Japan Earthquake through Sendai Television’s “Tomo ni” (Together) fund.

In addition, with the April 18 2012 opening of our flagship store The SHEL’TTER TOKYO in Harajuku Omotesando, we also sold the following charity T-shirts and handbags and donated a portion of the proceeds through the Japanese Red Cross to the region hit by the Great East Japan Earthquake. We plan to organize ongoing similar charity events in the future.


Our CSR Activities: the support for the victims of The Tohoku Earthquake

Baroque Japan Limited had engaged in the various activities to support the victims of The Tohoku Earthquake, the JPY100million donation from the sales proceed of the Support The Tohoku Earthquake Victims special sales, the donation from our customers through our E-commerce website, the donation from the sales proceed of our charity products, the donation from our group companies including oversea offices etc.

In addition to above, we supported the organization which helps the reconstruction effort of quake hit area.
We will continue to engage in various activities to contribute to the early recovery of the community.

Led by Maestro Robert Rÿker, the Tokyo Sinfonia, (http://www.tokyosinfonia.com/) known for their popular concerts with programs full of imagination and fun, delivered a sympathy concert performance full of courage, hope and love at shelters in the disaster area for those affected by the March 11 earthquake. Baroque wholeheartedly shared the sentiment of Tokyo Sinfonia in this gesture, and gave the performances our full support.

On May 1st and 2nd, Tokyo Sinfonia members gave a full-hearted performance at shelters in Miyagi Prefecture, including a gymnasium occupied by evacuees in Kessen’numa, one of the seriously damaged areas.

During the concert, there was an unofficial appearance by a particularly cute young participant, who was drawn to the stage by the music.

After their performance in the gymnasium-turned-shelter, there was applause and expressions of gratitude from all ages. Through this music, peoples’ hearts were touched, and healing, courage and hope could begin to be felt again.

Message from Robert Ryker
Shortly after the March 11 disaster, members of the Tokyo Sinfonia and I travelled to Tohoku to offer the solace of our music to people tragically separated from homes, lives, and loved ones. Without the sympathy and support of Baroque Japan, these performances would not have been possible.

We were there in person, and all of you of Baroque Japan were there with us in spirit. We will be ever grateful to you for joining hands with us.

Robert Ryker
Music Director
Tokyo Sinfonia


About our Post-East Japan Disaster Recovery Support

All fot Japan

We would like to express our sincere sympathy to everyone affected by the East Japan Disaster, and we pray from our bottom of our hearts for a rapid recovery for everyone.

In order to contribute to post-East Japan Disaster relief and recovery, Baroque is making or has made the following contributions:

  • The total amount of our donations and fundraising proceeds is Yen 104,897,193
  • All of the donations and fundraising proceeds are contributed to the Japan Red Cross
  • Contribution date: May 27, 2011

The breakdown of the donations and fundraising is as follows:

1. Yen 100,000,000 contributed from sales revenue generated during special sales for relief and reconstruction conducted from April 8 thru 10.

2. Yen 1,661,160 contributed from sales revenue of specific celebrity charity items sold at Shel'tter Shibuya and the SHEL'TTER Web Site (through May 23), and donations from our customers collected through the SHEL'TTER Web Site (from April 1 through April 30).